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Activision Support posts list of known issues they’re investigating in Call of Duty: WWII

Activision Support has published a list of known issues that they are currently investigating in Call of Duty: WWII. The latest update to this list was last night. We will update our post here as Activision Support updates.

Here’s the current list:

I can’t pick up a new Order/Contract.
– All platforms
Some players have reported that they’ve been unable to pick up new Orders or Contracts.Under investigation
I can’t redeem an Order/Contract.
– All platforms
After completing an Order or Contract, some players are unable to redeem it to receive their rewards.Under investigation
I can’t accept an invitation.
– All platforms
Some players are unable to join another player through an invite and receive a message stating “You must select a division…”Under investigation
My classes completely reset.
– All platforms
We’re investigating an issue where classes are resetting after players equip a weapon variant.Under investigation
I’m getting stuck at the end of matches.
– All platforms
After Multiplayer matches, some players are getting stuck on the scoreboard or the After Action Report, and the buttons lose functionality until the next match begins.Under investigation
I haven’t received my digital pre-order content.
– All platforms
Some players have not received bonus content items for pre-ordering a Digital Standard or Digital Deluxe edition of the game.Under investigation
I’ve lost ranks and stats.
– All platforms
We’re aware that some of you have lost ranks in Multiplayer. If you’ve lost ranks, choose your platform below to contact us.Under investigation
I redeemed a code but haven’t received the content in game.
– Xbox One
We’re currently experiencing issues with digital content redemption on Xbox One. Rest assured your items will be delivered to you once this issue is resolved.Under investigation
I have a bonus content item stuck in the Mail station.
– All platforms
We’re investigating instances where content items collected from the Mail station appear to be stuck in your Mail slots. This is a graphical error; the content has been delivered. Check the Soldier tab to find your content.Under investigation
I’m experiencing long load times when going to Headquarters.
– All platforms
Headquarters load times are currently under investigation.

PC players have the option of loading the game without entering Headquarters. To do this, follow the steps in the Call of Duty: WWII PC Troubleshooting Guide.

Under investigation
I opened a Supply Drop and got an “Unable to get inventory” error.
– All platforms
This error is due to a connectivity issue. However, the items in your Supply Drop were not lost and should appear in your inventory within 8 hours.Under investigation
I opened a Supply Drop and nothing happened.
– All platforms
We’re investigating an issue where nothing appears when opening a Supply Drop. You still received your Supply Drop items and can find them in the Soldier tab.Under investigation
I redeemed a code for the Multiplayer Upgrade but never received the Prestige Unlock Token.
– All platforms
We’re currently investigating an issue where some players did not receive the Prestige Unlock Token included in the Multiplayer Upgrade.Under investigation

SOURCE: Activision Support

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